Animal Control


The Animal Control Department is responsible for the daily care of all animals and the cleaning of the shelter.

Duties include:
  • Collecting strays and animals at large found within the city limits
  • Delivering and picking up of animal cages (traps)
  • Picking up and disposing of dead animals in City right of ways
  • Investigating animal cruelty, dog bites, and nuisances
  • Euthanizing animals
  • Sending possible rabies cases to the Texas Department of Health
  • Writing citations for violation of City Ordinances pertaining to animals in the city limits
  • Sale of City registration tags
  • Collection of impound fees

Animal Control Adoption Policy

Would you like to adopt a pet from the city animal control shelter? All adoptions are handled through Goliad Pet Adoption. Call Goliad Pet Adoption at 361-645-1503 to make an appointment, view animals that are available for adoption, or for information on adoptable animals.

Animal Control Fees

  • Pet Licenses – Spayed or Neutered Animals - $5
  • Pet Licenses – Non-Spayed or Non-Neutered - $10
  • Livestock Permit Renewal Fee - $15
  • Impound Fees
    • First Impoundment  - $35 + $10 per day for food
    • Second Impoundment  - $45 + $10 per day for food
    • Third Impoundment  - $55 + $10 per day for food
Animal permit required